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Become a Better Band Member

You can’t get along with your band members, and that’s affecting you to maintain the momentum in songwriting, recording and gigging? That could be a huge risk in keeping your brand alive. Here are some ways you could be a better team player unless you want to become a solo performer.

Be Reliable and Build Trust

Not getting things done when you say you will be an instant annoyance for your fellow band members. Always have something to show at your next practice even if it is incomplete. If you are going to be busy next week, be upfront about it. If you say, you will complete your task, stick to your word. Don’t take on more than you can handle. It’s still better than not delivering what they expect.

Image showing the entire band members which includes lead guitarists and vocalists.

Always remember that communication is the key. Be quick to respond to texts. Be as available as you can be. It’s not entirely helpful if you are making them wait for days for you to check your notification when they need some input from you to move forward. Most importantly be a good listener.

Focus on what’s best for the band
Focus on what’s best for the group instead of focusing on what’s best for you. Make the band’s need a priority. Understanding what everyone wants could go a long way. Always remember you are all in this together.

Be Open to New Ideas

Don’t get too attached to the lyrics or melody that you like and refuse to change for the better. Work all of your ideas into the song and figure out what’s best for the band. Be open to new ideas, learn to take on healthy criticism, and be honest about the thoughts you dislike. Just keep writing until you come up with something everyone likes.

From the second point, always remember communication is the key. To make your band a success follows these few mantras, and you will see the returns of the effort. It’s difficult, but it will be worth it in the long run.

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