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Event Technology Trends in 2019

Planning an event and its promotion? Hey, don’t go old school on this one. There are new trends that make their mark every day, so why not use them to stand out from the crowd. Make your event a huge success by using some of the latest event technology trends.

Emerging Trends of Musical Events

Facial Recognition
This is one technology that’s proliferating every year. Algorithms are already calculating facial features, hairstyles, body shapes, expressions, and body language. Facebook uses facial recognition software to suggest tags on photos. Use this powerful feature to reach a broader audience. Make an official album of the event picture remind people to tag themselves and their friends. Ask for check-ins feedback.

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Wouldn’t you love to reduce the responsibility you have while planning an event? Chatbots help both attendees and organizers. A bot that answers all the fan queries and concerns are giving the staff more time to work more efficiently.

Artificial Intelligence
AI is referred to as “whatever hasn’t been done yet.” AI is often used to describe machines that mimic cognitive function. It can deliver a highly personalized experience at events with over 30,000 attendees.

The right Apps
In today’s world, there is an app for literally everything. Every kind of event be it festive, or business has some apps that make the process easier and adds massive value. All you need to do is find the apps that suit your event and use them.

Livestream, with its growing popularity, adds value to your event and boosts your brand. So, don’t forget to put your game on Livestream to approach a vast audience. Usage of Facebook Live can also be worth it if you want to enhance your reach.

These are some event technology trends you could use for a successful event. You must go big this time with your upcoming event!

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