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Electronic Gizmodo for the perfect Home Party

What Do You Need For Karaoke Parties ?

When you have been the host to many a party at home, it can start getting tedious to repeat the same old formula of food, friends, and gossip. There are times that call for a dose of something new and something fun. Karaoke is one such element that can create an atmosphere of camaraderie and catharsis.

The only condition to throwing a karaoke party at home is the necessary software and right equipment. If you want to know more to slay some songs with your amigos and create memories for a lifetime, you need the proper gear to belt out the tunes. In this article, we take you through the necessities of hosting a karaoke party at your Girl Holding a Mic in Partyhome!

  • Mics

The most prominent piece of gear is a microphone because, without it, there will be no karaoke! While a single mic is not that useful because rarely will a guest love to sing a tune alone, over two mics is just inviting chaos. So opt for two mics so that one can be passed along the other guests for sing-along rather than an audition style karaoke.

Your options range from wireless mics to wired ones. While the former is a bit pricey, they are recommended over wired ones. Furthermore, the cost itself can run from budget to high end. The final choice you make should factor in the number of times you will be hosting karaoke. If it is a one-time event, invest in a low-budget wired mic.

  • Software

No one knows the lyrics of all their favorite songs by heart. It is why software that has an extensive collection of karaoke songs is the next piece of gear you need to invest in. The good news is that there is a plethora of options, and some of them can be accessed for free.

If you want a touch of tradition, then a get a karaoke machine that works with CDs and DVDs filled with songs. If you are more tech-savvy, then download a good singing karaoke software on your computer and get going. For an even simpler option, put on YouTube. The platform has an array of instrumental tracks with lyrics printed as subtitles.

  • Sound System

The sound bar, stereo speakers, and surround sound speakers people usually have at home are fit for recorded audio. They are not meant for live performances. Therefore, you will need a sound system that can be plugged into mics, has several outlets, and can manage the dynamics of live music.

These are known as public address speakers that come built-in with power amplifiers. Performers and musicians use PA speakers. They are easily found in the market. Besides, they can be customized to add in subwoofers and amps. The best choice would be to find an economical speaker/mixer combination that can support two mics.Battery backup and sound elimination system

  • Sound Proof and Backup

The last two pieces of equipment required are an excellent battery backup and sound elimination system so that you can hook up the karaoke without any burden on your mind through the night! If you have neighbors close by, then invest in proper sound proof to avoid disturbance. Solid quality speakers have a volume louder than you would imagine, therefore be prepared beforehand.

To ensure that there is an uninterrupted supply of power, a reliable backup for all the gear is essential. Ergo, invest in an inverter battery, servo stabilizer, and voltage stabilizer. One last piece of advice is to not opt for online purchases for these gears because these are heavy duty materials. It is best that they are bought from a brick and mortar shop. To find out where you can buy them, check in your locality for an authorized dealer for inverter battery & servo stabilizer.

To summarize, get two mics, find good song software, and invest in reliable PA speakers for the party. As long as you put a tick to this list of gear (and the crucial power backup), the karaoke event is going to be a big success.

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