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The Journey of Song Writing Trends

Every year there are new songwriting trends that make their way to the top. As you are enjoying all the melodies of 2019, you might as well check out the directions of the previous year and their effects on themes of 2019. So, you can look forward to using these trends in evolution of songs as the year passes by.

The Nuances of Chord Diversity

Chord diversity increased the previous year. Ariana Grande’s “thank u, next” are prime examples. The trend doesn’t go by the good old 1-5-6-4 move and instead provides unique, surprising combinations. This new trend is excellent to instigate some twists. This trend is undoubtedly not going anywhere; instead, you can expect it to dominate the charts in 2019!

Image represents The musical chords.

Contrasting melodies are another hot trend of 2018 that’s here to stay. “The Middle” is an excellent example of this trend. Celine Dion’s “Ashes” from Deadpool 2 has also contributed some contrasting melodies as we speak of this trend. Contrasting melodies is a great way to keep people glued as it makes you feel like they are approaching somewhere, progressing from one section to another.

Story-Telling Makes Things Interesting

What better way to keep people glued than storytelling? 2018 has seen artists digress from generic lyrics to good old storytelling. This way, the song can grab people’s attention and makes them wish for more. Dua Lipa, Hannah Ellis, and Kelsea Ballerini are good examples of this trend. This trend has made its mark on several genres. Aren’t you excited to listen to more songs with superb stories that will enthral you in 2019?

These musical practices of 2018 are sure to keep making their mark all over 2019. So, adapt to a few of these trends and give your lyrics some excellent content in this year.

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