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You Don’t Need to Know Music Theory to Write a Song!

Do you ever catch yourself wishing to write your songs? Or are you starting your music journey and want to write your lyrics? You feel restricted as you might not have enough knowledge of music theory. Don’t worry! This article covers it all, and it will help you write your very first incredible song!

Listen and Learn to Get Ahead

Play some of your favorite songs and use your active listening skills to identify the melody of the song. This exercise helps you identify the critical characteristics of each tune. Now make a list of at least five musical features you’ve noticed, such as the vocal range, rhythm, word choice, harmony, instruments, etc.

Close-up view of a piano when composition.

Now select two musical styles such as Country/ Folk, Pop, Hip-Hop, etc., and from the notes of the previous exercise, try to improvise your lyrics in two different styles accompanied or unaccompanied. Experiment with your songs, voice, or melody. Then notice the difference or similarities between your improvisation and the original version of the song

Don’t Miss Auto-cord Fun

There are several websites and apps to develop your aural skills. So why not use these tools to advance your harmony even without any knowledge of musical theory. Experiment with different pre-sets such as cliché, grunge, or simple. Oh yes! Don’t forget to start with essential keys like C, F, D, or G.

Hey, now you are well equipped to write your song lyrics. If you follow all the exercises mentioned above, you will find it easier to write your words, choosing rhythms, and adding appropriate melodies. So, the only step left is to record your very first song!

Don’t scare away from the process for now seize the ideas that crop up and keep moving forward with your songwriting journey. Practice on your writing skills every day. Remember, practice makes perfect!

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