Crowdfunding Campaign For Guy Marshall’s New Album

Crowdfunding Campaign For Guy Marshall’s New Album
We have always heard of this Rock band as one of the best to be in the coming future. Music lovers just love the way this band writes their song and sings them. Their song lyrics are touching, and they are related to the time years ago when people valued family and relations more than ever. The band is progressing step by step to become the highest rated rock band in the world. They have performed in many concerts, released albums, and they are trying to do it more often now. Recently they opened up about their new album launch.

Guy Marshall sees things go pretty well. Before even the concerts start the excitement of the fans is unlimited. They have a big rowdy crowd that will do anything to attend their show. The closer one gets to the stage where they perform, and it becomes real to feel the music and the musicians. The fans who got to occupy the first few rows of the concert hall are Knoxville Americana are jam-packed, shoulder to shoulder in a rush. Everybody is excited, and you cannot ask anyone just to walk back to give you some space. Guy Marshall creates such a rush in people’s heart with their music that everybody wants to get the closest possible.

Seeing the couple at the core, guitarist Eric Griffin, Zach Gilleran on the drums, bassist Travis Bigwood and Frank Bronson the fiddle player is a fantastic experience. No sooner does the band start its first song the group has won the hearts of all their fans in the concert. As the couple sings, Adam and Sarrenna have their eyes locked up with each other. The rest of the band weaves the beautiful music needed for the song. The raucous country jams and bluegrass ballad style music with a rock style are what the group stands for.

The confidence of the group is just remarkable. Throughout their performance, you will see how cool they are with it. They do their best to make the crowd join their party. In interviews, the couple has often expressed their happiness to see people get into their music in the concert. Earlier when they used to have an audience of 20 people around that would make them happy. Now that they have uncountable people in front of them, the feeling is overwhelming. This is a mind-blowing experience to see so many fans out here in one place.

The band started with their funding for the second album by performing at the IndieGoGo campaign. The group has played across several places across Knoxville. Now that their fan base has swelled up, fundraising is not that big of an issue for them. Earlier the band that gained popularity by performing at coffee shops now has had the opportunity to play at the Bijou Theatre after Rhythm N’ Blooms. The couple had the last minute opportunity to visit the iconic theatre and support Rufus Wainwright.

Adam admitted that he and Sarrenna used to listen to Rufus when they started dating each other. It was a long time back when they become a fan of Rufus. The couple was very excited to open up for him at the show. The band has performed at all significant places in East Tennessee. They have also raised sufficient money for their album Depression Blues. After the album came out, one could surely say that it reminded them of an old western film. Not only this album, but the band has also been creating a sort of nostalgia since they started. The group has drawn itself into the mold of an Americana album with an organic touch to it right from the beginning.

The best part is, the group has had a constant upward trend concerning its popularity. Its rapidly expanding fan base has helped the band make their songs more vibrant every time they record something. They have been touring the local area for a long time now. It is incredibly enjoyable to see how this small local group started on a smaller scale and today they are becoming favorites of people all over the nation. Soon they can become a worldwide sensation with their real and organic music style.

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