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An Americana band, the Guy Marshall, is from East Tennessee that gained popularity with the speed of lightning soon after they started performing. Their fan following is pretty huge, and the press has always got to write something about them. The core of the band is formed by a beautiful couple Serrenna and Adam McNulty. They do shows all over with their best-talented friends. The name Guy Marshall comes from Adam’s grandfather’s name. His grandfather lived in a completely different America. The songs Adam writes are about the old times when honor and family meant more than ever.

The Music lovers love the way these people make songs of an entirely different variety. Their music is raw, and the lyrics are different and dedicated to a particular theme. Rock bands like this one need to grow in the country to deliver some outstanding music that relates to the real lives of people. The songs by Guy Marshall band relate to the Appalachian experience, real family stories, and old country music. In the year 2015, their debut album The Depression Blues came out. While the band was visiting the Blue plate particular stage, they introduced a few new tunes to their fans. They added John Wayne and on fiddle was Frank Bronson from East Tennessee.

Like we referred to their talented group of friends, Frank is one in the list. All of them are fantastic artists and have exquisite taste in music. Their raw magnetism is drawing many dedicated fans for the bad. Also, they are more focused on their talent than gaining fame in the industry. Their down to earth nature makes them a favorite band all over the world. One can explore more about the band, their songs, etc. on their website. However, by no chance shall you miss their concert if it is happening around you. You will love the music they perform in the shows.

The band once performed at the Knoxville Visitor’s Centre. The crowd was so huge, and the concert was so amazing the fans couldn’t seem to wait for another one soon. They performed the All Day Blue Plate in the concert. To clear your confusion, Blue Plate Special is a radio show live that is held almost every day of the week except Sundays. This radio show is top-rated worldwide. Playing in such a favorite radio show is an excellent opportunity in itself.

Once long back Adam McNulty spoke about his grandfather very beautifully in an interview. His grandfather would take him everywhere with him. They were so close that he named the band later in his name. Mr. Guy Marshall Shirley helped his grandson catch crawdads, salamanders and turned over rocks in the most fun way possible. His Grandfather spent several years working as the service station owner in the town of Boone, N.C. at the Appalachian Mountain. Adam went with his grandfather to those beautiful places around. His wonderful grandfather passed away in the year 2008.

Adam has left his grandfather alive forever in the form of his band and music. Both, Adam McNulty and his wife Sarrenna McNulty make music that pays respect to the terrific man Guy Marshall was. They perform together with other few talented friends who also respect the kind of music they produce. Now the band has reached such heights it is soon to become one of the top rock band from East Tennessee. They will be known for playing with great sincerity and touching beauty. Adam McNulty said, in few of his songs he has mentioned a few things about the past, because he would have wanted to know them better if only it were possible.

Serenity like Adam is reflected in his love life as well. He and his wife had met years ago when they were kids growing up and used to go to the same church. Both were homeschooled, and they attended classes on Friday together where they bonded over music. Sarena said it was so innocent, both of them would sit in the car and listen to the music back then. Slowly after they grew up, the idea of the band became a reality for them. Today they are embarking on an exciting journey with hundreds of fans.

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