Guy Marshall Band- The Journey So far!


Music is not just a set of tunes strung together. Music is passion, a soul yearning to be free. Our listeners have often commented how our music transports them to places they could otherwise never visit, letting them experience the parts of their soul otherwise inaccessible.

We have come a long way from the early days of our struggle. The endless wait for bookings, the trepidation of the first performance, the anxious wait for the verdict of the critics, and so on. We have tasted success, and if our performance proves anything, it is the desire to venture higher and farther than ever before.

A Quick Look At Our History!
We are a group of passionate musicians who joined together in the march towards our dream. Our musical treat includes vocals, guitar, bass, drums, pedal steel, and fiddle. Here is a brief description of our journey so far. Adam Mcnulty, the gang leader, is the grandson of Guy Marshall Shirley, after whom the band is named.

Adam (Vocal and guitar) and his wife Sarenna Mcnulty (Vocal) are the leading singers here. Travis Bigwood (Bass), Zach Gilleran (Drums), Eric Griffin (Electric Guitars), Jonathan Keeney(Pedal Steel), Frank Bonson (Fiddle) are the other members of the team.

First album- The Depression Blues
Our first album got released in 2015. The vintage touch in the songs received genuine appreciation from the audience. The album consists of ten fantastic songs listed below.

1.Cowboy Ballad
2.English girl
3.Cigarette Smoke
4.Lonely Women Whiskey
5.What do ya reckon
7.The Jordan
8.Gave it all away
9.Mountain of Fog
10.Water into Shine

Just like the names, each song is unique and beautiful. They club different emotions in a creative way. Some songs tell stories of difficult times, and some are memories of times long gone with a bittersweet, melancholic touch. The album has given the band a large fan base which has significantly increased the responsibility of the team as a whole.

Our listeners
It is with a sense of pride that we say that our listeners are our greatest treasure. A quick look is all it takes to see that we have listeners belonging to different age group,s which is proof that music has no age restrictions. Immense creativity goes into our works for making them admired by people belonging to all age groups. Entertainment is the prime aim of our team. We have performed at many hangout places such as hotels, pubs, etc. These are the places where the musically minded people among you seek refuge on holidays. So we make ourselves available for you with our tunes wrapped in love.

Proposed events in near future
Here is a list of the events where we will be performing soon.

Vestival, Knoxville, TN
Yee-Haw Brewing Company, Johnson City, TN
White Squirrel Festival, Brevard, NC
The Cave, Chapel Hill, NC
Brewery 85, Greenville, SC
The Purple Fiddle, Thomas, WV
Main Street Public House, Columbia, SC
Hummingbird, Macon, GA
Willow Tree, Johnson City, TN
Town Pump, Black Mountain, NC

One of the biggest surprises we have had so far has been how our music has travelled beyond our country’s borders! Friends of ours who have travelled abroad have told us how surprised they were to hear our songs, especially the “Cowboy Ballad” being played at hotels and prominent relaxation centres like Riverday Spa, Lefay Resort & Spa, La Reserve,etc. This piece of news was simply so overwhelming as we had never expected such a wide reach for our works. This underlines the fact that music has no boundaries.

Your wholehearted support is what inspires us in our constant search to bring before you, unique musical experiences. Stay updated about our latest events and performances via We are currently focussed on the workshop of our new project – “Merch”. Our next post will feature that, so stay tuned!

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