The Reasons For The Popularity Of Guy Marshall Band

Behind-the-Scenes People You Need on GuyMarshall Band’s Team

If you have been following the music news of Knoxville, you would be already aware of Guy Marshall band. Adam McNulty, a lead member of this band, is a clever guy, who knows how to make a song that works well for the current audiences. Adam says that he will only perform the songs that can give him goosebumps. Named after the maternal grandfather of McNulty, the Guy Marshall band is already very popular in Knoxville and their popularity is steadily reaching beyond Knoxville in very recent days.

Adam McNulty - leading Member of the BandThis band consists of McNulty and his wife Sarenna McNulty (vocalist), Zach Gilleran (drummer), Eric Griffin (guitarist) and Travis Bigwood (bassist). Adam and Sarrenna met for the first time, when they were visiting Knoxville Trinity Chapel, when the former for was 15 and the latter was 12. Though McNulty was very devoted to the Church, he was not sound in academic. His school days came to halt abruptly after he was found caught along with his friends, for trying to use the family prescription pills on a field trip. McNulty recollects that incident and he was very thankful for the people, who caught him. Otherwise, he would have died.

After this incident, he was homeschooled. He began to start writing songs with stories. His first public performance happened in Vienna Coffee House, where Sarrenna collaborated with his for few songs. It was quite surprising for many people to see McNulty working with his wife. Usually people find it difficult to work with their spouses. McNulty is in all praise for his wife Sarrenna and he says that she provides the space that he needed.

How Guy Marshall Band Break out and Become Famous?

McNulty agrees that his songs have become much better than his initial days. According to McNulty, his band was so happy when they released their first album – The Depression Blues. If you like to know more about this band, you can visit their official website or their social media page, where you could find details about their history, band members, recent and upcoming programs. It is really worth the time to listen to their unique songs and music.

The songs from Guy Marshall band is already rocking the Knoxville and their music spreading wide. If you do not Picture From the BackStagehave enough time to attend their shows, you can listen to their tracks on various music websites. It is good to get their authorized copy rather than going pirated version. The fan base of this band is constantly growing in recent years. The owner of the band has appointed additional people to manage their new bookings.

How They Connect With Students and Grow Their Fanbase ?

The recent addition to their fan base is NEET Coaching Centre. It has to be noted that NEET coaching center has become a diehard fan of this band and they even played their music when giving farewell to their students. If you are one of the diehard fans of this band, then you consider donating or contributing money to this band for their next album. You may also listen to their songs at

You have to check their official website to find their latest details on tours. You can also use their website to contact them for any purpose like show booking, charity, etc.

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