New Crowdfunding Campaign By Guy Marshall

The news about the Guy Marshall band has been doing rounds in various music blogs and websites. Very recently, the big band has received great support from the fans at Pizzeria and Barley’s Taproom in the Old City. The arena has been packed fully and the expectations were running high, even before the start of their performance. The huge success of this band can be credited to the bandleader Adam McNulty and Sarrenna McNulty, who are guitarist and vocalist respectively. Other important members of this band include Zach Gilleran (drummer), Eric Griffin (guitarist), Travis Bigwood (bassist) and Frank Bronson (fiddle player).

The band just won the room as soon as they played their first song. The perfect harmonies between the Adam and Serrenna and the electrifying performance from the instrumentalist have taken their performance to a new level. The confidence level of the band was so high that they never seem to dip their energy even a bit at any point of time. Sarrenna was so humbled and happy to see more people flocking to see their performance. She recollected her earlier days when their shows were attended only by their friends and family members.

On 3rd of March, this band launched an IndieGoGo campaign during the show at Barley. This campaign was meant to gather funds to produce the second album of Guy Marshall. Since the last four years, this band has been performing at various venues in Knoxville. With increasing fan base, they have been shifting their presence from coffee shops to bigger theatres. In February, the three of band’s leading members – Sarrenna, Adam, and Bronson got an opportunity to perform at a popular theatre when the scheduled performers were unable to make it on the time.

Currently, the band is looking to raise funds to the tune of $10,000 to professionally record and produce their next album. However, the band says that it actually requires $12,750 to produce the album.

Their previous album was The Depression Blues, which are released in the year 2015. This album is highly successful and is seen as one of the best local releases of 2015. Adam says this album will still get better as they have realized the mistakes that he committed in the earlier album.

Adam has also planned to use the collected funds for widening their reach, in addition to the album recording. They have hired a manager and a booking agent as they believe that they will have more bookings in the months to come.

Initially, the band was only performing in Knoxville and now they are travelling to new places and their calendar is getting filled quickly.

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